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Life is Connections.

Deep down you feel the calling to connect to the world around you, explore, and make steps towards your dreams. Maybe you worry that you don't know where to start, or have what it takes to succeed. 

Maybe the Challenges seem too big.

Maybe you feel you can't do it by yourself.

Follow your Dreams,

Find your Scene,

Find yourself.

Shilak Naii Coaching

Winter Scenery

What Do You See when you Think about your Future?

Do you see yourself creating something amazing? Seeing the world? Changing the world?


Getting an Education? Helping your Family? Helping your Community? Finding a Job? Finding a Partner? Finding a Place? Finding Yourself?

Maybe you want to explore at your own pace.

Maybe you just want to feel happy and safe. 


Chances are there's a lot of challenges that you face. 

Maybe it all feels like it's too much.

The Truth is Nobody achieves their dreams by themselves! 

Everyone who finds success in their lives has a network of supporters, mentors, and community around them, guiding them into who they have become. Mentorship and community are incredibly rare in this world, and often take years to find, if found at all. 

Lets Change that Narrative.

Lets find those people, those places, that vision.

Hi, I'm Tanner Coyne, Creator and Director of Shilak Naii Coaching.

I'm a PCC Certified Coach with a decade of work in Indigenous support projects, specifically holistic wellness, creativity, arts and music programs. 

My clients are Individuals, First Nations, Businesses, and NGO's that believe positive social impact comes from education. Indigenous peoples know that the youth are our future. Youth need healthy supports to discover who they are, and what they truly want. My clients are those who want to serve their young people by giving them the cultural mentorship and support systems they need to grow.

When my team and I connect with youth, we help them find and deepen the connection with who they are, so that they can uplift themselves, and their communities, without losing their independence. Our sessions and referrals provide safe, inspiring spaces for them to explore and learn, so that they can show up boldly in their pursuits, and create a way of living that serves them to their fullest potential.


Shilak Naii Coaching provides youth aged 18-25 with remote support and resourcing in an indigenous perspective. We provide safe and effective mentorship to young people designed to help them achieve their dreams and allowing them to evolve in their way. We are truly inspired and honoured by youth who are brave enough to pursue their passions, and want to help them in a safe and holistic way!

So, how do we it?


Phone Sessions

Coaching sessions allow youth to express their views, challenges, and insights. We provide support and and a safe environment for them to be open about their life situation. We build a plan to help them take the next steps on their journey. 

Concert Crowd


Our coaches resource programs, events, aid, support, groups, artists, mentors youth can use to advance their situation in any capacity. Mentors provide safe, fun, helpful environments without stigma, empowering  youth to experience what they want to experience.


Social Media

Shilak Naii provides social media platforms to engage the community around our participants, by providing collaborative content about lifestyle, travel, food, art, music, self care & culture. Creating Inspiration and access for all participants. 

Image by Andrew James

Cultural Connection

Shilak Naii means "all my Relations" in Gwitchin Language. Our Mentors want to connect and build relationships with our Youths Community. We want to learn more about where our youth come from and bridge the gap between our past and present.  

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