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Special Rates for Specialized Coaching

Youth Coaching Rates and Packages

Intro Sessions

Introductions and Goalsetting

I want everyone I work with and myself to have an understanding. If we want to work together, we are a team, and we both need to come together in an honest and open way. We want to give youth a chance to see and understand what Shilak Naii is about, and if they want to proceed. We can support anyone who wants to help themselves. Our intro sessions will start the process of understanding what a youth wants to see in their world and where we can take their vision.

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Hire by Rate

Hire me to work for your Nation.

Hire me to work with a beneficiary youth from your First Nation. Shilak Naii works in many different capacities within First Nations governments, Organizations and with individual funders. Hire us as a contractor, as a member of your staff, or access funding through your projects, the federal government or from funds accessible to your nation. Book a session and we can find what works. 

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Hire on Contract

Contractor me to work for you.

Hire me through your organization, NGO, business, or as an individual. Shilak Naii can be hired through a contract, lump sum, or individual financing. We can collaborate to determine the details of what functions best for your business. There are many avenues we can access to make our goals align. Book a session with Shilak Naii to find what works best for your needs.   

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Volunteer or Donate

Share your skills and Resources.

Shilak Naii Coaching is creating an integrated global community of skilled, experienced, and giving people committed to serving Indigenous youth by giving their time and sharing their skillset, network, and resources to help them thrive. If you feel like donating or volunteering with Shilak Naii Coaching feel free to book a session.

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