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Services Overview

Remote Coaching Phone Sessions

Coaching is about connecting a persons goals and vision to tangible actions and outcomes. Shilak Naii is a remote coaching program which allows us to serve youth from wherever they choose to be. Our process involves connecting with youth from a phone, computer or in person, bi-weekly. Our coaches set flexible scheduled conversations with the youth that work around their schedule. We want to build a consistent and reliable dialog between our coaches and youth to ensure youth feel comfortable and ready to express and understand what our work together can provide.  Our coaches listen and provide feedback to our clients as they give us insight into their goals. We ask questions and build meaningful dialog to help youth make progress and consistent steps towards achieving their goals, reformatting their ideas or express their views on how they want to make changes moving forward. We keep track of our progress and monitor changes and outcomes, as well as provide youth with care and support through our sessions. Our service provides support and and a safe environment for them to be open about their lives. Our coaches take in the insight that our youth give us, write down the vital ideas and goals that the youth feel like they want to achieve, give feedback to our youth and connect that information to our job as a resource worker to find helpful programs, events, people, and places that we feel could help the youth grow or make steps towards seeing their goals become reality. We want to build a meaningful non judgmental friendship and professional coaching relationship that is based in our clients and our mentors mutual desire to see youth succeed and enjoy their lives to the fullest!


Resourcing is a unique and innovative way Shilak Naii provides access to youth to learn about anything that inspires them. Our Coaches use their skills over phone sessions to gain understanding about the types of goals, dreams, and aspirations of the youth we work then. We take that information and begin to research events, aid, support, groups, artists, mentors etc. the youth can use to advance their situation in any capacity. Events could range from events, gatherings, concerts, anything that is relevant to what a youth would like to attend. Aid and support ranges from finding cultural groups, therapy, safe spaces, education, programming, social aid etc. We also use our extensive and developed network of interpersonal connections to find people who have relevant life experience and skillsets to reach out to youth to possibly connect with them to further their pursuits. People who have experience in the field a youth wants to pursue are crucial to helping provide young people with understanding of how to advance their pursuits, and what the process with look and feel like. Shilak Naii is committed to facilitating organic, safe and fun experiences for youth to meet people who want to help our youth achieve their goals. We also hope to further provide in person mentors with education and training to help them work with young people in the best way possible. 

Social Media 

Social Media is a massive connecting force in todays world. Youth are very connected to using content and platforms to research and understand more about the world around them. Shilak Naii wants to use Social Media as an ultra accessible tool for young people to engage with our programming. We hope to provide young people with tips and tricks for lifestyle, travelling, living, self care, culture, art and events, by having a robust collaborative social media presence on all of todays platforms. We hope to create access to traditional knowledge and skills, as well as host many artists, performers, travelers etc. from all over the world to take part in interviews, skill shares, teaching programs, as a way to showcase indigenous and world talent and stories, but also allow youth and the world to know about their knowledge and experience. Youth can also connect with people over our social media to showcase their experiences, talents, and stories as a way to reach out to the world in a larger capacity. We also encourage youth to connect with our global community and use our platform to discover new ideas and skills that they may want to be involved in. Shilak Naii hopes to create a real community over our platforms, and expand our social media presence to become a beneficial landing page for many people to find and interact with indigenous culture and talent, collaboration and entertainment.

Cultural Connection

Connection to our Indigenous culture is a beautiful and challenging thing in todays world. Every Indigenous person has a different understanding about what their culture is and how they choose to express it. Shilak Naii believes that our culture is a guiding light for Indigenous peoples throughout their lives. Many of us are also disconnected from our culture, or may have not had a chance to experience it in its traditional forms. Many of us grew up in their culture but have dissociated some of its ideas over their own lives. Shilak Naii hopes to help our youth to discover a place within themselves where their culture can sit with them in the most positive way possible. We want to be a branch that youth can use to help them feel comfortable if they are wanting to explore their roots, reconnect, or pursue their culture in ways that haven't been available to them in the past. We also want to help youth that are from a cultural place access help with their culture if they are choosing a different path. We want to give young people the ability to feel safe, and have supports for any type of lifestyle that they choose. Unfortunately colonization has stigmatized many perspectives within our indigenous communities that makes young people feel judged or unable to express themselves within or outside their own communities. Shilak Naii wants to meet our youth wherever they're at and give them a safe support figure that can help them to express their cultural identity, whatever it may be, and relay their understanding to whomever that may be, family, friends, or community. 

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